5 Dramas Featuring Park Seo Joon

5 Dramas Featuring Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon ascended quickly from a background character to Korean drama superstar. His handsome good looks and character adaptability have made him a popular male lead for romance and action dramas.

About Park Seo Joon

Born on December 16, 1988 in Seoul, South Korea. Park Seo Joon started acting in minor roles and worked his way to male lead characters. PSJ did his mandatory military service right out of school, so he can focus solely on acting going forward.

She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty Poster

I thought PSJ did a satisfactory job in She Was Pretty, but he was dramatically upstaged by Choi Si Won’s second lead who stole the show for many viewers. The show is about a woman who has been bullied for her looks but manages to get a job at a popular magazine. She is courted by two men, one with a connection to her past. If you like makeover dramas or are a fan of Super Junior, you might enjoy She Was Pretty.

DD Rating: 2 Dreams

Where to Watch: Viki


Hwarang Poster

KBS went after the harem fans with the historical fantasy drama Hwarang. Unfortunately, the lavish costumes and sets couldn’t help improve falling ratings as the drama aired. The eye candy quotient for fans of male harem dramas does not quite make up for the lack of plot, but if you’ve got a rainy day and nothing else to do, you might find enough action to get you through the lull.

DD Rating: 2 Dreams

Where to Watch: Viki

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim Poster

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim was a hugely popular 2018 drama staring Park and Park Min Young. PSJ stars as a spoiled heir and vice-chairman Lee Young Joo whose success mainly stems from his extremely competent but underpaid and underappreciated secretary, Kim Mi So. Mi So informs her boss she is resigning. Young Joo embarks on a series of tricks to get Mi So to stay, and in the process they discover they have more in common than either of them realized.

DD Rating: 3 Dreams

Where to Watch: Viki

Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class Poster

Park Sae Royi (Park Seo Joon) was framed for murder by a chaebol who was protecting his son. Once out of jail, he starts a restaurant, but the chaebol sabotages his efforts. With the help of his grandmother and his staff, Park Sae Royi succeeds and tries to clear his name. Itaewon Class is a moving underdog revenge story.

DD Rating: 4 Dreams

Where to Watch: Netflix

Fight for My Way

Fight For My Way Poster

The alternately dynamic and wistful 2017 drama Fight For My Way gets my vote for best Park Seo Joon drama in this list. PSJ plays a MMA fighter and former Tae Kwon Do competitor who has stalled in his dreams. The stellar Kim Ji Won plays his best friend and potential romance Choi Ae Ra, a store employee who wants to be a professional announcer.

DD Rating: 5 Dreams

Where to Watch: Viki

Other Media Featuring Park Seo Joon

The most notable movie role Park Seo Joon has had is Parasite, which won numerous awards. Parasite examines the role of class and money on two families. You can watch Parasite on Hulu.

Some of Park Seo Joon’s other roles include:

  • I Summon You, Gold
  • Mama (2014)
  • A Witch’s Love (2014)
  • Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

What’s Your Favorite Park Seo Joon Drama?

Do you have a favorite Park Seo Joon drama? Share it with us in the comments along with why it’s your favorite!

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