5 Korean Fantasy Dramas if You Liked Goblin

Considered by many the best Korean drama of all time, Guardian: The Great and Lonely God, often called Goblin, was one of the most popular Korean fantasy dramas for Korean cable network TvN. Goblin has been available on Netflix for some time now and has amassed a worldwide following.

If you loved Goblin and would like to watch Korean dramas similar in style or genre, here’s a list of my top 5 Korean fantasy dramas that you might enjoy.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed

Tale of the Nine Tailed Korean fantasy dramas

Tale of the Nine Tailed stars Lee Dong Wook, who played Wang Yeo/Grim Reaper in Goblin. Lee Dong Wook plays nine-tailed fox Lee Yeon who is searching for his true love. It also stars Jo Bo Ah as Nam Ji Ah, a detective resembling Lee Yeon’s first love who is searching for her parents. If you like shows such as Supernatural, you might like this drama.

DD Rating: 3 Dreams

Where to Watch: Viki

W: Two Worlds

W Two Worlds

W: Two Worlds was one of the most ambitious Korean fantasy dramas of the past ten years. In the story, W is a popular webtoon about an action hero named Kang Chul, played by Lee Jong Suk. Han Hyo Joo plays a surgeon whose father writes and illustrates the webtoon. When her father goes missing, she gets pulled into the webtoon world and the two worlds start to bleed into each other.

DD Rating: 3 Dreams

Where to Watch: Viki

Mystic Pop-Up Bar

2020 fantasy drama is Mystic Pop-Up Bar

An underrated 2020 fantasy drama is Mystic Pop-Up Bar starring Hwang Jung Eum, Choi Won Young, and Yook Sung Jae (who played Deok Hwa in Goblin). It’s about a woman named Weol Ju who committed a grievous past sin and is paying off her debt by helping others settle their grudges. I thought the plot was fun and moved at a good pace. This drama is a good one to watch when you just need to escape for a bit.

DD Rating: 4 Dreams

Where to Watch: Netflix

Hotel del Luna

Hotel Del Luna

Hotel del Luna is a sumptuous fantasy/supernatural drama staring IU and Yoo Jin Goo. A woman with supernatural powers runs a hotel for ghosts waiting to go to the afterlife and she hires a new manager with no supernatural abilities. The plot is lively with a touch of gothic horror, while the costuming and sets for this drama inspired a host of new trends.

DD Rating: 5 Dreams

Where to Watch: Viki

My Love from the Star

You Who Came From The Stars

Kim Soo Hyun plays an alien stranded on earth for 400 years who falls in love with an actress (Jun Ji Hyun) right before his rescue. Do Min Joon is a serious and earnest alien who encounters feisty and flighty actress Cheong Song Yi while a malevolent human (Shin Sung Rok) plots against them both. Five extra episodes were added because of the popularity of this 2013 drama, a rarity in Korean dramas.

DD Rating: 5 Dreams

Where to Watch: Viki

Have other Korean fantasy dramas to suggest?

Did you think Guardian: The Great and Lonely God was the best Korean drama of all time? Have another favorite fantasy drama?

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