About KDrama Therapy and Korean Dramas to Watch - KDrama Therapy is a blog with recommendations, reviews, lists, upcoming dramas, premieres, actor profiles, and weekly watch summaries

I’m Ros, an Asian drama fan who blogs about Korean dramas to watch here on KDrama Therapy, including recommendations, reviews, and my personal watch list each week.

After living in Japan and watching Hana Yori Dango, I started watching Korean dramas with Boys Over Flowers. Sites like My Drama List overwhelmed me as dramas become more popular. I started to make lists of recommendations for myself and for friends interested in dramas.

Fantasy and science fiction dramas are my favorite genres, but I enjoy many different genres and types of storylines. Korean and Asian dramas have always appealed to me for their single-season stories of 16-20 episodes.

Some of my favorite Korean dramas of all time include Guardian: The Great and Lonely God, Hotel del Luna, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and Chief Kim. I also have a soft spot for Chinese fantasy dramas, such as Eternal Love, Legend of Fu Yao, and Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain.

I include everything that catches my attention each week in a weekly watch post. My weekly posts include Korean dramas to watch, Chinese dramas, other Asian dramas, and Western dramas. I often focus on Western dramas that feature an Asian actor in a lead role.

I am also the author of two young adult spy novels, which you can find on Amazon. The Misfits are a motley band of CIA agents who seek out unusual technology. In Surfer Girl, a college student gets mixed up with the Misfits as they acquire a coveted piece of technology. The second book, Rebel, is about a senior agent struggling between staying a Misfit or moving up in the ranks.

I hope that if you are looking for Korean dramas to watch, you find KDrama Therapy helpful!

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