• Korean beauty Kpop idol variety shows
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    Korean Beauty Kpop Idol Variety Shows

    Korea has a lot of variety shows featuring Kpop idols, from music to comedy to discussion, including Korean beauty Kpop idol variety shows. Korean beauty is constantly innovating and many Kpop idols are interested in beauty and fashion trends. Get It Beauty Get It Beauty is a roundtable variety show that features idols and other celebrities in each episode. There are several seasons of the show set in different countries and languages. Some of the older seasons are unavailable with English subtitles, but two seasons are on Youtube with subs. Get it Beauty On the Road: Youtube Get It Beauty: Better Girls School: Youtube Trend By Me As the title…

  • 5 Dramas Starring Park Seo Joon 5 Dramas Featuring Park Seo Joon
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    5 Dramas Featuring Park Seo Joon

    Park Seo Joon ascended quickly from a background character to Korean drama superstar. His handsome good looks and character adaptability have made him a popular male lead for romance and action dramas. About Park Seo Joon Born on December 16, 1988 in Seoul, South Korea. Park Seo Joon started acting in minor roles and worked his way to male lead characters. PSJ did his mandatory military service right out of school, so he can focus solely on acting going forward. She Was Pretty I thought PSJ did a satisfactory job in She Was Pretty, but he was dramatically upstaged by Choi Si Won’s second lead who stole the show for…

  • 5 Korean Fantasy Dramas if You Liked Goblin
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    5 Korean Fantasy Dramas if You Liked Goblin

    Guardian: The Great and Lonely God, often called Goblin, was one of the most popular Korean fantasy dramas for Korean cable network TvN. Goblin has been available on Netflix for some time now and has amassed a worldwide following. If you loved Goblin and would like to watch Korean dramas similar in style or genre, here’s a list of my top 5 Korean fantasy dramas that you might enjoy. Tale of the Nine-Tailed Tale of the Nine Tailed stars Lee Dong Wook, who played Wang Yeo/Grim Reaper in Goblin. Lee Dong Wook plays nine-tailed fox Lee Yeon who is searching for his true love. It also stars Jo Bo Ah…