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30 Korean Idol Dramas to Binge Watch

Korean idol dramas are very popular watches for both drama and Kpop fans alike. Some idols transition from singing and dancing to acting with ease.

Imitation Teaser Trailer

Viki released an Imitation teaser trailer in anticipation of the drama. Based on a popular webtoon, Imitation peeks behind the curtain of the Kpop industry

Premiere of Dark Hole on Viki

The Korean drama Dark Hole on Viki promises an exciting and mysterious debut. A sudden sinkhole releases toxic black smoke and turns anyone who breathes

Undercover Premieres on JTBC

Han Jung Hyun (Ji Jin Hee of Dae Jung Geum) has been hiding his true identity as a NIS agent from everyone in his life,

Undercover Highlight Reel Released

JTBC has released a Undercover highlight reel, which will be released on Friday. Undercover stars Ji Jin Hee as NIS agent Hang Jung Hyuk who