Doom At Your Service Viki Premiere, Imitation – Weekly Reviews 5/16/21

The Doom At Your Service Viki premiere is finally here!

I don’t know about anyone else, but my week was really busy! But we had all these new dramas to watch and I found myself sometimes watching bits at a time because I wanted to know what happened!

Doom At Your Service Viki Premiere

Doom At Your Service Viki Kdrama

The Kdrama Doom At Your Service Viki premiere killed it with two totally engaging episodes this week! What a fun drama to watch!

Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) leads a mundane life of struggle. She balances her life as a web novel editor for a critical and greedy boss with managing an errant younger brother and a deceptive boyfriend. When she is diagnosed with a terminal illness, she wishes doom on the world. Myeol Mung (Seo In Guk) appears at her door claiming to be Doom, offering her a wish before she succumbs to her fate.

Doom At Your Service puts a very modern feel to stories we’ve seen before but combining them in a way that feels fresh while still examining the philosophical questions that come with these old stories. The idea of Doom personified isn’t really new, though it’d be hard for anyone to top Terry Pratchett’s Death in my book. And the question of “What would you do if you only had a few months left to live?” has been done many times in storytelling, but Tak Dong’s curse adds a new element. And we’ve definitely seen the supernatural male being paired with the “ordinary” woman trope in Kdramas. In addition, God is a deity who constantly suffers for their creation and demands the same from Myeol Mung.

I think the pairing of Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk makes a lot of the drama. Not many actresses can jump from wide-eyed ingenue to savage retributioner with believability. Seo In Guk always excels in dramas when he can play up his ornery smirk while trolling the other characters like Loki. He’s also good at sensitive moments where you see the playful nature is a cover for something much deeper.

Watch the Doom At Your Service Viki premiere.

Bossam: Steal the Fate

As princess Soo Kyung reels from the actions of her father-in-law, Ba Woo tries to keep her alive as various forces converge on them. Lots of action and emotional betrayal made this week’s episodes tense.

At the end of episode 2, we start to see affection develop from our leads. I hope this will continue as the action in the story grows. The leads definitely have chemistry!

Cha Dol continues to be super cute, though I hope they don’t overuse his little tantrums so the main leads rely on reasons of their own to stay together. Particularly with Ba Woo, whose backstory with women seems a bit undeveloped. I feel like we’re getting lectured about his distrust of women instead of seeing what’s really going on.

Compared to Doom At Your Service, this drama didn’t seem quite as good this week, but I think I will continue to watch.


Lalima (Park Ji Yeon) in the Kdrama Imitation

I have to admit a little disappointment at the release of only one episode a week, but I guess it’s a good thing since there are so many dramas out right now.

We endured a timeskip for this week’s episode, but I think it made sense in context. There wasn’t anything lost by the timeskip in the story except time.

Ma Ha and her bandmates regained hope this week with a new endeavor,. This week’s episode focused more on hope than last week. I will admit I’m a little unsure of CEO Ji Hak’s (Danny Ahn) intentions. But I don’t really connect to him, either, so I wonder where his story will go.

On the other hand, Lalima (Park Ji Yeon) sashayed into the drama with a presence this week and immediately impacted Ma Ha and the storyline. It’s clear she’s going to create a lot of conflict for our main character.

Did you watch the Doom At Your Service Viki premiere?

What did you think of the Doom At Your Service Viki premiere? Or did you watch Bossam: Steal the Fate or Imitation or one of the other new dramas? Let me know!

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