Mad For Each Other Netflix Premiere Delivers Lessons in Anger Management

Last Updated on 2 months

Today is the Mad For Each Other Netflix premiere!

This trailer is one of the funniest trailers I’ve seen in a long time. I hope the drama lives up to the promise of the trailer. The Korean title of this drama is “The Crazy Guy In This District”. I kinda wish Netflix had kept that title, awkward though it may be in English.

Detective No Whi Oh (Jung Woo of Reply 1994) has a major anger problem after an incident. His neighbor Lee Min Kyung (Oh Yeon Soo of My Sassy Girl and A Korean Odyssey) suffers from delusions and compulsive behavior. Her issues cause everyone around her to be angry.

I have a soft spot for Oh Yeon Soo despite a string of mediocre dramas. My Sassy Girl was a mess, but Oh Yeon Soo delivered some zingers. Plus, her dimples got me every time!

Watch the Mad For Each Other Netflix premiere!

Mad for Each Other Netflix - Oh Yeon Soo