Move to Heaven Netflix Premiere – Weekly Watch 5/23/21

Move to Heaven Netflix Premiere – Weekly Watch 5/23/21

The Move to Heaven Netflix premiere has a lot of buzz surrounding it! Just the summary of Move to Heaven made my heart break, so I was a little afraid to watch it.

There have been so many dramas lately that I am struggling to keep up with everything! And more are premiering next week! So I’ll be keeping it fairly short this week with some quick overviews of the other shows, as we get deeper into spoiler territory.

Move to Heaven Netflix Premiere

I had a feeling this drama would make me cry. I wasn’t wrong. Beautiful cinematography and contemplative dialogue weave together a cast of complicated characters with a singular concept: how do you help people move on after death?

Fish-obsessed Geu Ru (Tang Jung Sang) would prefer to spend all of his time at the local aquarium. He is able to identify problems with the fish as they swim past and the aquarium staff knows to listen to him. His father Jeong Woo (in a memorable appearance from Ji Jin Hee) has given his autistic son a very comfortable and predictable life. Jeong Woo runs a cleaning business called Move to Heaven that cleans spaces after the inhabitant has died. His business is successful because of the concern and care he takes with his work and the people who are affected by the often untimely deaths. A tragedy occurs and Geu Ru’s uncle Sang Gu (Lee Je Hoon) comes to take care of Geu Ru after getting out of jail. Together they run Move to Heaven and help others find peace in the afterlife.

I don’t think any way I can describe this drama would do it justice. It’s beautiful and happy and sad and touching. Tang Jung Sang manages to make Geu Ru believable and deeper than he appears. Lee Je Hoon’s appearance in the first episode is short, but he quickly changes the dynamic of Geu Ru’s life and the drama itself. This is a drama that needs to be experienced and not merely watched.

Watch the Move to Heaven Netflix Premiere.


Imitation released another MV, this time for Tea Party’s Show Me. If you haven’t seen episodes 2 and 3, there might be some spoilers in this MV, so be forewarned.

Scheming and backstabbing are on the rise in episode 3 as Ma Ha navigates rising media attention to Tea Party. She is invited on a variety show but gains a savage enemy. Tea Party continues on the path to debut, but each member deals with their fears resulting from their botched first debut.

I like this drama. It’s not particularly deep or emotional for a melodrama, but it delivers a solidly entertaining episode each week. As with last week, I could wish for two episodes a week and a bit longer drama, since this show will only run for 12 episodes. But I enjoy watching each week and am sorry when the episode is over.

Bossam: Steal the Fate

Bossam: Steal the Fate remains watchable, though I can’t help but want a little bit more from it. I feel like a lot of the characters are kinda stiff. And Jung Il Woo’s character Ba Woo often repeats the same lines or actions, which is a writing problem that needs improvement. I think I need more of an emotional connection to the characters and to see Ba Woo do more than just run and save Soo Kyung after telling Cha Dol to go home (which of course he never does).

What did you think of the Move to Heaven Netflix premiere?

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