Must Watch July 2021 Korean Dramas

Must Watch July 2021 Korean Dramas

July is a great time to get caught up on some must watch July 2021 Korean dramas!

There will be several new releases in this upcoming month that you might want to watch – like Kingdom: Ashin of the North, Police University, Blue Birthday, or The Witch’s Diner!

The Devil Judge (July 3rd)

Judge Kang Yang Ho (Ji Sung) creates an unflinching court reality show in a dystopian South Korea where criminals run free. But is the judge doing this for the sake of justice or something much more sinister? Also stars Kim Min Young, GOT7’s Jinyoung, and Park Gyu Young.

The Devil Judge premieres on Viki on July 3rd.

You Are My Spring (July 5th)

A hotel manager with bad taste in men (Seo Hyun Jin) and a psychologist with a haunted past (Kim Dong Wook) end up in the middle of a terrifying murder case. Also stars Yoon Park and Nam Gyu Ri.

You Are My Spring premieres on Netflix on July 5th.

The Witch’s Diner (July 16th)

A sorceress who has lived for hundreds of years (Song Ji Hyo) convinces a restaurant owner (Nam Ji Hyun) to let her serve guests meals that might grant their fondest wish. Also stars Chae Jong Hyeop.

The Witch’s Diner premieres on Viki on July 16th.

The Road: The Tragedy of One (July 21st)

A devastating tragedy befalls several residents of an elite residential complex, but lies, deception, and intrigue over the incident create more tragedies. Stars Ji Jin Hee, Yoo Se Ah, and Kim Hye Eun.

Premieres July 21st on tvN.

Blue Birthday (July 22nd)

Based on a popular webtoon, a high school student who discovers she can revisit the past tries to save her first love from his death. Stars Red Velvet’s Yeri, Yang Hong Seok, and Lee Sang Jun.

Blue Birthday premieres July 22nd.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North (July 23rd)

Probably the most hyped of the July 2021 Korean dramas, Kingdom returns with a sidequel to their immensely popular 2019 Netflix drama. Kingdom: Ashin of the North follows Ashin (Kim Shi A and Jun Ji Hyun) from childhood until she meets Lee Chang’s group at the end of season 2.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North will be premiering on Netflix on July 23rd.

Police University (July 26th)

A criminal justice professor (Cha Tae Hyun) collaborates with two of his students, a genius hacker (Jung Jin Young) and a no-nonsense first-year (f(x)’s Krystal), to catch a cyber criminal.

Police University premieres on KBS2 (and likely Viki) on July 26th.

Which July 2021 Korean dramas are on your watchlist?

Share with us in the comments which July 2021 Korean dramas you can’t wait to watch!

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