Navillera, The Way of the Househusband Anime – Weekly Reviews 4/18/21

The Way of the Househusband anime was the big surprise of the week! After a rather difficult week of illness, this anime had me in stitches. I also am continuing my watches of Navillera and Kung Fu.

As always in these weekly posts, there may be light spoilers, but I will avoid major spoilers.

Korean Dramas

Navillera eps. 2-4

OK, Doek Chool makes me feel like a lazy ass. His dedication to attaining ballet lessons and getting in shape to do them is a lesson for us all. I’ve had all this time in quarantine and I could have used it better.

I am still impressed by the cinematography of this drama. Every scene travels in setting, lighting, and music right along with Doek Chool’s emotional transformation.

We see Chae Rok going through his daily activities, but he’s not very likeable yet. The writers seem to have a purpose for him working at the restaurant, but with Doek Chool willing to pay for ballet lessons, that seems like a much easier job. Maybe it wouldn’t offer the security the restaurant might.

I could wish that Doek Chool’s motivation to take ballet was a little clearer. Many Kdramas like to only release information like that in small bits, but I feel like it would be easier for me to sympathize with him. Maybe the writer/director wants the audience to be puzzled with the rest of the characters, but I’m not sure it’s working to the right effect.

I will admit that I’m getting a bit bored with the series. It’s lovely and emotional, but kinda slow going. Should I keep watching?

Other Media

The Way of the Househusband Anime

Based on a manga, The Way of the Househusband anime is a short anime series sponsored by Netflix about a former yakusa boss The Immortal Tatsu who has dedicated his new life to being the perfect househusband for his wife, Miku.

I had seen a few people talk about how much they enjoyed this, and they were right! It’s a hoot! I think I giggled all the way through every episode. Tatsu’s yakusa perspective on everything from cooking, grocery shopping, Instagram, cleaning, and even yoga is a totally refreshing viewpoint. He takes his new job seriously but never undermines it or his wife’s position as the breadwinner. Miku seems to treat Tatsu with equal respect and they have a very cute relationship that made me want more.

There’s been some controversy over the poor animation style. It’s got a very old-fashioned stop-motion style of rendering that is very choppy. I can see this being a much bigger hit as a live-action series (there’s a promotional video for the manga that gives you a taste!).

Each full episode has three shorter episodes. The ending episodes are very short and often feature the family cat, who wanders around the neighborhood annoying other pets, such as the tangled dog, Elizabeth.

The Way of the Househusband Anime

Kung Fu, episode 2

After a rather bland first episode, episode 2 of Kung Fu is giving me a little more hope for the series. I also started to see hints of the original series, as Nicky uses a principle her master taught her to help a young woman and her mother. I did find the immediate trust Nicky had in the young woman a bit unbelievable and the first encounter with her didn’t quite make sense, but I am hoping the series will continue to improve.

Are you watching Navillera, The Way of the Househusband, or Kung Fu?

As always, comment if you are watching Navillera, The Way of the Househusband anime, Kung Fu, or share something else you are really enjoying!

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