Navillera Update, Netflix’s Shadow and Bone – Weekly Reviews 4/24/21

I checked out the premiere for Netflix’s Shadow and Bone while catching up on Falcon and the Winter Soldier and The Masked Singer.

I wanted to watch Undercover, but I couldn’t find it streaming with subtitles quite yet. Maybe next week.

Korean Dramas


So I have decided to table Navillera for now and wait to see how the reviews turn out when the series is complete. It very well could be that this just isn’t the drama I need right now, but it might suit me better at a later time.

Right now, I’m biding my time until May, when Imitation and Doom At Your Service are both released.

Other Media

Shadow and Bone

Netflix's Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone has had a lot of attention the past few weeks. I didn’t read the books even though they were highly recommended to me. The Netflix series is actually a combination of two series by Leigh Bardugo, The Shadow and Bone Trilogy and the Six of Crows duology, both set in the same universe, called the Grishaverse. Shadow and Bone is the first book in its trilogy and the characters from Six of Crows have been tied into the story. Netflix’s Shadow and Bone does have an Asian main actress in Jessie Mei Li, who plays Alina.

Alina and her best friend Mal are orphans who were eventually drafted as soldiers into an unending war with neighboring countries and the strange monster-filled darkness that separates their country. An elite class of soldiers called Grisha with magic abilities leads the army but they have not had the power to remove the darkness. Alina discovers she has powers and she becomes an unwilling pawn to save her country. As a pawn, she is being hunted by various factions who want her power, including the gang from the gambling den Six of Crows.

I watched the first two episodes and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It’s got a solid storyline, decent editing, and effective cinematography. I don’t think it will have the impact of something like Game of Thrones, but it’s much more family friendly and moves at a good pace.

You can check out Netflix’s Shadow and Bone trailer.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

I caught up on the Falcon and the Winter Soldier this week in preparation for the finale. This show has been really interesting because it deals with much deeper issues than you normally get in a superhero storyline, but especially from Marvel. It’s hard to do that and still be entertaining, but this show manages to do both well.

I think Anthony Mackie has been particularly effective emotionally as he deals with both Cap’s legacy in an unfair world and a terrorist group that is driven more out of a need to survive than to terrorize. Sebastian Stan adds a surprising amount of comic relief but also has provided a questioning voice that doesn’t fall in line with the traditional superhero narrative.

The Masked Singer Super 8

This week’s episode was a 2-hour special with a double elimination. The last 8 are pretty strong, but I wasn’t surprised by the eliminations. I think I’ve switched to the Russian Dolls as my pick to win, but still kinda pulling for Black Swan. Nicole was on the ball with her guesses tonight, but I’m over her fake crying at everything. I do hope that Black Swan at least pulls through to the finals so we do not have an all-male final.

A new element was added this week in the form of live appearances by Cluedle-Doo, the ornery rooster who has been giving additional hints to the audience via “secret broadcasts” at the end of previous shows. Cluedle-Doo did actually “steal” a clue from Seashell, but gave clues for several other masked singers.

Catch the premiere of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone?

Did you watch the premiere of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone or watch anything else that you loved this week? What did you think? Let us know about it in the comments!

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