Resources And KDrama Streaming Services

Resources and KDrama Streaming Services | KDrama Therapy

If you are looking for KDrama streaming websites or other information and recommendations for Korean and Asian dramas, I have compiled some resources that might help.

I am sticking with mainly official/legal resources, but there are other places out there to find Korean dramas.

KDrama Streaming Services


Viki probably has the most subtitled Asian dramas in one service. They have Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, and Japanese dramas, along with dramas from other countries. Many of Viki’s offerings are free to watch. Some new dramas are available while airing with a Viki pass or premium pass. They have dramas on their website, Android devices, and iOS devices.


Netflix has really been ramping up their Korean and Asian drama partnerships so they can offer some of the best Korean dramas. They often offer TvN dramas, which may not be available on other services and are usually high-quality dramas. Dramas are often subtitled, but some have dubs.


Hulu has a limited number of Korean dramas and other Asian dramas available that are included with a regular Hulu streaming plan.


Kocowa is a Kdrama streaming site run by the three major Korean networks. They stream currently airing dramas as well as full dramas that have already aired. If you have a Viki Plus Pass, you don’t need a Kocowa subscription since Viki also streams Kocowa dramas.


iQiyi is a Chinese streaming platform that features Chinese dramas, historicals, TV shows, movies, animation, and shows for children. They have a web platform, as well as apps for iOS and Android.


AsianCrush streams a number of older dramas, but what sets them apart is their collection of Korean and Japanese movies. They also have a moderate selection of anime titles.


Viu is a Hong Kong-based streaming provider that targets regions in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, though other regions may be able to also use Viu. They are accessible on their website, as well as iOS and Android devices.

KDrama Resources & Recommendations


AsianWiki is a handy encyclopedia of Asian dramas and actors. On the main page is a list of upcoming dramas and movies. They feature mostly Korean and Japanese dramas.


Another Asian drama wiki site that is edited by fans is DramaWiki. DramaWiki covers dramas and movies from China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

My Drama List

My Drama List allows you to make a list of all the dramas you’ve watched, are watching, or plan to watch, along with submitting ratings and reviews. This is a really good site to find recommendations of similar dramas to a drama you have enjoyed.

Drama Discussions

Asian Dramas Discord Server

A great place to chat about Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Hong Kong dramas, as well as most other topics. They have regular watch-a-longs, game nights, and a group that discusses Chinese novels.

Korean Dramas Reddit

Discussions, ratings, and reviews of Korean dramas, along with resources for upcoming dramas and helpful websites. Particularly handy is their weekly recommendation thread where you can request drama suggestions.

Chinese Dramas Reddit

The Chinese Dramas Reddit runs the above Asian Dramas Discord Server. This is a large discussion forum and link sharing site for Chinese dramas. get updates on new dramas, trailers, and premieres.