Fictional KPop Group Tea Party Performs Live

Tomorrow’s Korean drama premiere of Imitation on Viki promises bright Kpop music and behind-the-scenes conflict in this fictional world of Korean pop.

KBS debuted the fictional girl group Tea Party on Music Bank with the single “Show Me”. The song is cute and catchy and exactly what you would expect from a rookie girl group. Music Bank also featured in-character interviews from the group.

The members of Tea Party are main drama character Lee Ma Ha (actress Jeong Ji So), bubbly Shim Hyun Ji (former I.O.I. and Pledis member Im Na Young), and fierce main vocalist Yeo Ri Ah (actress and former vocalist Kim Min Seo).

It’s rumored that Imitation’s other star group Shax will debut next week on Music Bank. I am not sure yet if Sparkling and La Rima (former T-ara member Park Ji Yeon) will also appear on the music variety show.

Watch the premiere of Imitation on Viki!

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