Watch the Hilarious So Not Worth It Netflix Trailer

Last Updated on 2 months

Watch the So Not Worth It Netflix trailer in anticipation of the drama. Diverse students at a university in Seoul learn about life and love and getting along.

Five students of different nationalities and cultures meet in a university campus dorm at their university. Park Se Wan stars as Se Wan, the dorm manager assigned to their dorm. GOT7’s Choi Young Jae plays Sam, chaebol son of a tteokbokki empire. Minnie of G(IDLE) stars as a Thai student obsessed with Korean dramas. Model Han Myun Min is a bitter commuter student who wants to live in the dorm. Shin Hyun Seung plays Jaime, an American student on international exchange. Teris Brown and Carson Allen also star.

The So Not Worth It Netflix premiere is June 18th. Find out more from Netflix.

So Not Worth It Netflix Poster